Sanofi 2019

1.Please limit the total length of your pre-proposal to a maximum of two pages (excluding publications and bio-sketch).                                                                                           

2. Pre-proposals that stray from the listed areas of interest in Sanofi’s Call for Pre-Proposals will not be considered.

3. The proposed work has to be performed at Penn. Proposals with third party collaborators other than those from partner institutions within the iAwards Program will not be considered.

4. Information in the pre-proposal is NOT considered confidential and therefore unpublished information should not be disclosed in the pre-proposal.

5. CHOP faculty may request pre-proposal template from JOLLYTORNC [at] EMAIL.CHOP.EDU.CHOPJOLLYTORNC [at] EMAIL.CHOP.EDU (.)  CHOP faculty should email their pre-proposal to techtransfer [at] .  Please copy privettet [at] and JOLLYTORNC [at] EMAIL.CHOP.EDU in email.

6. Unfortunately, Post-docs may not apply.

7. If preliminary data already exists for your proposal, please include in your submission email information regarding the funding that was used to generate that data (no third party funding except NIH funding is allowed).

8. The Sanofi iAwards program will fund accepted proposals up to a total of $125,000 research funding (inclusive of institutional indirect costs at the applicable corporate F&A rate) for 12 months. Depending on progress and results, Sanofi can opt to extend support into a much more significant and broadly-defined sponsored research agreement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 9. The funding awards will be distributed among the 17 academic institutions participating in the program this year. Each institution will receive at least one funding award per year. Funding decisions are made by a joint steering committee with representatives from both Sanofi and each of the participating institutions.