Precision Medicine Accelerator Funds

Penn Center for Precision Medicine Accelerator Fund Projects

The PCPM Accelerator Fund is currently seeking requests for application that will accelerate development of precision medicine efforts at Penn and help to implement precision medicine-based clinical care in the fabric of routine care provided by the health system.

The PCPM welcomes all applications that focus on bringing a particular precision medicine approach to clinical care. Project descriptions should be supported by preliminary data demonstrating the viability of the approach under laboratory conditions. Please note that for purposes of this process, “precision medicine” is broadly defined, and includes a variety of approaches to phenotype patients and personalized care (including genetics, genomics, other ‘omics, biomarkers, imaging, computational approaches, wearable devices, etc.)

Review Criteria will include:

  1. Impact: What is the likelihood that the proposed program of will translate precision medicine based approaches to clinical practice and have a transformative impact on patient care?
  2. Impact on Penn Medicine: How will this project impact the delivery of patient care and/or health economics across Penn Medicine?
  3. Innovation: Is the proposal creative and original? If successful, will the work produce dramatic shifts in clinical practice, improving our ability to deliver individualized care by using novel concepts, methodologies, and/or interventions? Will the innovation help to decrease health care costs?
  4. Investigative Team: Do the proposed PIs have a strong track record of leadership of interdisciplinary and translational science? Does the team have sufficient interdisciplinary breadth and depth to carry out the proposed research?
  5. Approach: Are the general strategies and translational approaches sufficiently rigorous to ensure generation clinical efficacy, financial cost/opportunity data? Are reasonable metrics of success articulated?

Presubmission inquiries about proposals are welcome; please put “precision medicine proposal” in the title of your email (joshua.lubin [at]

Application Instructions

  1. Please refer to the attached application guidelines.
  2. Please email application materials to joshua.lubin [at] by Thursday, February 7, 2019 by 5:00 PM