Carole Marcus Mid-Career Award to Promote Career Development and Mentoring in Pediatric Research

Carole Marcus Mid-Career Award to Promote Career Development and Mentoring in Pediatric Research

The mentoring award will be a 2 year award covering up to 25% salary support for the mentor and 25K per year to support the research related activities of mentees. One or two awards will be granted in this inaugural year, depending on the merit of the proposals submitted.

Candidates for this award include MD, MD/PhD and PhD faculty. Faculty members should generally be at the level of late Assistant or Associate Professor. The 3-5 page proposal will include a brief description of the candidate’s background, goals and objectives, a plan for development and application of mentoring skills, and a research plan (describing current funded research and potential opportunities for mentee research). A full description of the outline for the proposal is attached.

Proposals will be evaluated in terms of the candidate’s track record in mentoring to date, plans for development/improvement in mentoring skills or contributions to a wider mentoring environment at CHOP, availability of trainees, and strength of the current research program.

Submit your proposals electronically to Terri Long-Newton at longnewtont [at] by April 30, 2018. We strongly encourage proposals promoting collaboration and mentoring across disciplines/division/departments. Candidates that are ultimately selected for funding will participate in regular group meetings to provide support, collaboration, and access to departmental and institutional resources to promote research career mentoring and facilitate the success of the candidates and his/her mentees. They will be expected to report on program progress and outcomes annually. Ongoing funding will be contingent on progress made. Individuals applying for this award will be encouraged to apply subsequently for an NIH K24 Mid-Career Award if they are eligible. The NIH institutes which currently offer these 5 year awards covering 25-50% salary support for mentoring activities are described on the final page of this announcement.

We hope to make a formal announcement of the funded initiatives by no later than May 30, 2018 with funding beginning, for a 2-year period, in July 2018. We look forward to reviewing your proposals.



Candidates for this award must have an MD, MD/PhD or PhD. Candidates should typically be in the midcareer stage at the Associate Professor level or approaching that rank and must have an established record of independent, peer-reviewed research grant funding (including at the time of application) and record of publications. This award is intended for individuals who have a record of supervising and mentoring researchers.


  1. Candidate (1 page)
  2. Research Plan (1-2 pages)
  3. Plan to provide mentoring or to contribute to a wider mentoring environment at CHOP (1-2 pages)
  4. Budget
  5. NIH Biosketch

Detailed Instructions

  1. A. Candidate (1 page)

Candidate’s Background:

•Provide details of the candidate’s immediate and long-term career objectives in research and in mentoring new investigators.

•Include a summary of the research career of the candidate, documenting the ability of the candidate to conduct high quality research

•Document the ability of the candidate to provide mentoring to new investigators. Provide the number of years of mentoring experience, the mentoring role (i.e., research advisor, clinical mentor, etc.), the number of individuals mentored, the specialties of the individual mentees and the stages in their professional career. In addition, describe the types of research that were conducted by the individuals mentored, and the proportion of mentored individuals currently participating in research.

•Provide an explanation as to how relief from patient care or administrative responsibilities through the protected time provided by this award will contribute to an increased level of commitment to mentoring new and early stage investigators. Explain how this award will enhance skills in mentoring or inclusion of mentoring in the candidate’s career activities and/or contribute to a wider mentoring environment at CHOP.

  1. B. Research Plan (1-2 pages)

•Currently supported research: There is no need to provide extensive detail with regard to ongoing, funded research. However, enough information should, be provided in the areas of Hypotheses and Specific Aims; Significance and Rationale; and Research Design and Methods to permit the peer reviewers to evaluate the extent, special features and general quality of the candidate's research activities and opportunities for mentoring.

  1. C. Candidate’s Plan to Provide Mentoring or to contribute to a wider mentoring environment at CHOP (1-2 pages)
  1. required component should include a description of the availability of appropriate junior investigators for mentoring; plans for recruitment, selection and supervision; the types of educational and research experiences that will be provided; and the capacity in which the candidate for the career award will serve as a mentor. Candidates should describe how they will improve their skills in mentoring or contribute to the wider mentoring environment at CHOP

• Candidates must also describe a plan for supporting the research of their mentees during the period of the career award.

The sponsoring DEPARTMENT/DIVISION must provide a statement of commitment to the candidate's career development as a productive, independent investigator and should provide a statement concerning the amount of protected time the candidate will receive (3 person-months or 25% full-time professional effort required).


  1. D. Budget
  1. budget should include up to 25% FTE salary support for the candidate and up to $25K per year for support for mentees research efforts. If a candidate’s effort is fully supported via other funding, the equivalent of 25% effort may be requested as support for the candidates’ research program or mentoring activities. A description of how the candidate’s time dedicated to mentoring will be assured must be included.