Documentation: Academic Clinician Track

For Reappointment

Candidate prepares… Where to find it… What’s there…
Curriculum Vitae Faculty Expertise Database (FEDS) Web page with links to sample CV in required Perelman School of Medicine format, descriptions of content for CV sections, and log in for completing fields on-line
Teaching Evaluations House-staff and Medical Student Teaching Evaluations (HAMSTER). On Perelman School of Medicine home page click on MyMed (upper right) and enter PennKey and password. Database with evaluations of faculty by fellows, residents and medical students.

Sections 3 and 4 of EDB

(teaching portfolio)

Perelman School of Medicine information on teaching documentation including links to templates for Sections 3 and 4, and workbook for automatically calculating teaching credits. Per Lisa Bellini, MD, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, PSOM: "We are working on a web-based electronic Educational Database to collect most of this data from existing sources." In the meantime, please use either the Word or Excel tracking tools to the left.

For promotion: Complete Dossier, EDB and CPE

Candidate prepares… Where to find tools and instructions… What’s there…
Promotion Dossier Preparing Your Promotion Dossier - Academic Clinician Step-by step guide to preparing the dossier for promotion to associate professor
Teaching Portfolio (EDB) Educational Database (EDB) Web page with links to instructions and templates for creating the EDB . A summary of the EDB is included in the full promotion dossier (see item above)
Clinical Performance Evaluation Clinical Performance Evaluation (CPE) Web page describing CPE contents and review process