Hartwell Foundation submission guidelines

Each proposal must include the following (The list of requirements is an abbreviated version of the Hartwell Foundation guidelines. A detailed version from the foundation may be requested from vprgrant [at] upenn.edu  Applicants are advised to closely read the guidelines):

Text: 1-inch margins, single-column text, single line spacing and black 12-point Times Roman font.

  • Cover page with the proposal title, name of PI, academic rank, department, Email address, Phone number.
  • Lay Summary – provide in a single paragraph a description of the proposed research (450 words or less) suitable for a nontechnical audience
    • Statement of Problem – description and magnitude of the problem in the United States; emphasize what makes it an important issue (e.g., prevalence, incidence, morbidity and mortality rates).
    • Compelling Interest to the Foundation – identify the unmet need and how addressing it successfully will provide a benefit for children of the United States.
    • Innovation – identify the novel idea(s), discovery, or creative insight that may inspire a distinctive shift in perspective, provide a strategic advantage or offer a translational benefit; identify relevant model test systems, important experiments and the technologic approach that will be used to construct or test hypotheses.
    • Justification for Funding – describe what will happen if the proposed research is successful (e.g. diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, prevention, clinical trials, etc.) and how successful outcomes will be deployed either translationally or strategically to benefit children.
  • Technical summary- no longer than two pages as follows:
    • Outline the research plan, including aims, methods, scientific technologies
    • Outline goals and objectives of the research
  • CV or biosketch – Please include current, pending and expired sources of funding. Include amounts for each award.

Interested investigators should review the complete guidelines which are attached.

All materials must be submitted in a single pdf file in the above order to vprgrant [at] upenn.edu by June 8, 2020.

Subject line of email must Hartwell_PI last name_PI first name eg Hartwell_Smith_Jane