K-Readiness PILOT GRANT for senior fellows and instructors

The CHOP Research Institute is soliciting pilot grant applications to support promising research efforts by senior fellows and instructors at CHOP. The goal of the program is to provide salary support for staff who can assist the trainee in achieving his/her research objectives. Preference will be given to those applications that rank highly on innovation and the potential for transitioning to future federal funding support.

Funding will be for one year at $50,000, with an additional year of funding at $50,000, contingent on success towards research objectives.


Please submit your letter of intent (one page maximum, minimum font 11 Arial or similar) to denight [at] email.chop.edu (Robert DeNight), Assistant Director, Research Business Operations, by Monday, September 30, 2019. This letter should describe your current clinical responsibilities, your amount of protected effort for research (and how this might change in subsequent years), your current training environment, and a very brief description of your research project. In addition, please include your CV in Penn format.


Selected applicants will be asked to submit a full proposal by Monday, October 28, 2019.


For further information, contact

Davidsonbl [at] email.chop.edu (Beverly Davidson, PhD); brodeur [at] email.chop.edu (Garrett Brodeur, MD);  or eisenlohrl [at] email.chop.edu (Ike Eisenlohr, VMD, PhD)