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Faculty Spotlight

Meet The 2020 Excellence in Mentoring Award Winners

For Akiva Cohen, PhD, and Joseph Zackular, PhD, recipients of the 2020 Excellence in Mentoring Trainees Award, mentors do more than just advise trainees on their scientific work: They provide a “second family,” a “support system,” and a sounding board for all the questions, quirks, and concerns that no doubt come with a career in academia.

Read the full Q&A here and hear Drs. Cohen and Zackular highlight their work at Faculty Luncheon on January 19 at noon.

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This Q&A kicks off a monthly Cornerstone series in which we sit down with faculty members to learn more about their research and roles. Through these spotlights, you have the opportunity to meet the diverse, dedicated, and distinctive individuals who lead our research community in our mission to improve children’s health. Stay tuned for more from our Faculty Spotlight series throughout this year!

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